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Dear Visitor,

welcome to the biggest growshop in Eastern-Europe! We provide professional grow equipment and consultancy for connoisseurs and beginners as well. You will surely find what you need among our 2500 products in our 400 m2 shop.

Our expert salesmen team grants, that the service will meet the highest needs. We are exclusive distributors for a lot of popular gardening brands in Hungary. This shows our market leading position int he region.

We are not only selling horticultural equipment, but also committed to introduce the latest inventions in gardening to our costumers. We truly believe, that in our highly urbanized society the need for gardening will grow. Indoor gardening are no longer the privilege of  exotic pant fans. It  is a great way to get closer to nature, and to have fresh fruits and vegetables.

We are dedicated to introduce the love of gardening to the new generation. Not only doing this with our popular home gardening products, but also with our programs. To read more or participate, please CLICK HERE.

Exceptionally int he market we provide free shipping to Europe for every order over 100 €.

If you are starting a new grow shop, and looking for a wholesale partner, please CLICK HERE, and contact us!